Make your mark


You took this job to make an impact: to shape the product as well as culture, but as you're learning, not everyone understands the value of design. Now you're overworked and overwhelmed, with no one to bounce ideas off of, commiserate with, or back you up when you're fighting for the power of design thinking.

Design Review Club is the safe place where we facilitate conversations about your biggest design and team challenges with other solo designers or startup design leaders.


Review Circle

Small curated groups of solo designers meet for facilitated design reviews and discussions. (Groups are assembled from designers at non-competitive startups facing similar design, team, and/or product challenges.)  You'll develop deep understanding of each other’s products and company dynamics, build trust, provide valuable critique, and discuss the issues each of you are facing. These Review Circles are designed and facilitated to become your pseudo-team, source of answers to tough problems, and ultimate safe space.


Leadership Collective

A structured experience where design leaders come together to discuss real time issues. Like the Design Circle, the Design Leadership Collective is built as a recurring gathering where members can tackle some of their toughest issues with a handful of their peers and mentors – other designers who understand the unique challenges of building a design team, getting buy-in from leadership, and creating a culture of design thinking.




Every Review Circle and Leadership Collective member will have access to the closed Design Review Club Slack group, with a private channel for each own Review Circle and the Leadership Collective. These groups can be used for feedback, critique, and discussion as issues arise between structured meetings.

Meet-up Group

Quarterly meet-ups where designers come together to listen to a panel, participate in a workshop, take part in roundtable conversations based on current trends and best practices, get feedback and critique, and network with one another. These meet-ups are open to the public, but all members of the Design Review Club programs can attend for free.

Who benefits?


Better products happen when design is valued, when designers have a support system, and when the right processes are in place. Give your designers the support they need to build a better product and a better team.

Solo Designers

As a solo designer you have no one to bounce ideas off of, no other designers to learn from, it can be hard to set boundaries...the list goes on. Get the feedback and support to produce your best work and grow in the process.

Startup design leaders

Eventually, your startup and will grow, and you will be driving the growth of your design team. This new phase brings new challenges, like recruiting, setting up processes, and fostering a greater design culture. You don't have to go it alone.

Questions? Ideas?

Anything you don't see that you'd love? Questions I haven't covered? I'd be happy to answer all your questions and entertain any ideas!